A bit about us…

Treats & Sweets is a home based business in Guernsey, Channel Islands.

It was established in 2020 just weeks before the pandemic caused us to go into a lockdown. So before we even really started, we had to rethink how we were going to launch and run our business.

We launched the islands first ever Sweet Hedge Stall which was a hit with people from all over the island coming to visit during their daily exercise.

After lockdown had lifted, we moved into online sales and started expanding and offering a wider range of products, including custom sweet mixes which design we make in-house!

We now offer an even bigger range of products than before, including custom sweet and chocolate bouquets and we even have a range of Pick N Mix stands available for hire.

We tend to stick to online sales mainly now as our hedge stall can only go out when it’s not too hot and not too wet!

We will update our social media if it does go out and you’ll be able to find it at … What3Words: ///dishing.solution.strike